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Fair Trade supply chain – we invest more in our materials and labor because we’re dedicated to quality and doing what’s right.

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We fix manufacturing defects for free for the lifetime of the item, as in forever. That’s a while.

The Harlow Face Mask
Love your neighbor. Mask up!
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Bundle of (cozy) Joy     Jogger+Hoodie Set $125.00 Short+Hoodie Set $115.00
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Radical Transparency

Chances are you have worn a pair of my jeans without even knowing it - I've  been making jeans for some of your favorite brands for over a decade. I've worked with some of the best designers in the world and have just about seen it all. From ultra high end factories in Italy and the US, to large production facilities in South East Asia, I have spent much of my time cultivating partnerships with ethical fabric mills and factories around the globe.

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