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Our Commitment To You

Sustainability -

Our garments are made from recycled yarn and cotton, and to design our jeans, we use high-powered laser technology to reduce water and chemical consumption. For our light washes, we use Ozone technology, a natural way to create that vintage look and feel. Instead of wasting loads of electricity to dry our denim quickly, we use air-dry technology for a slower and more sustainable approach.

Ethics -

We exclusively partner with factories that uphold exceptionally safe and healthy working conditions for the employees. We are committed to fair trade, and our facilities are certified by global organizations that measure sustainability and ethics. Read more about our stakeholders in ‘Our Story.’

Quality -

High-quality, sustainable denim with a lifetime guarantee. Period.

Diversity -

Our jeans are for Every Body. We offer a variety of sizes, washes, and styles because we recognize that diversity and inclusion means everyone is invited.

Accessibility -

Our garments are comfortable, versatile, and seasonless, making them accessible to anyone, anywhere.

"Haven't loved a pair of jeans this much in a long time! Flattering, incredible softness and great wash."

Jamie F.

"These jeans are so comfortable!! And cute! They have brightened up my wardrobe."

Kelly T.

"They are super comfortable and have such a flattering fit. I love the style and look of these jeans!"

Lauren C.

"I really liked these jeans! I liked that there was just enough stretch, and the dark wash was perfect."

April B.
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