Capitalizing on Your Capsule Collection: Build a Wardrobe That Will Last a Lifetime

Capsule Wardrobes. You see them when you’re scrolling social media, and you know you’re meant to have one, but where do you begin? Do you Marie Kondo your whole closet and start over? Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll explore what a capsule wardrobe is and how to create one of your own. 

Understanding The Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is characterized by simplicity, versatility, and longevity. It involves curating a collection of essential pieces that effortlessly mix and match to create countless outfits. One key aspect of a capsule wardrobe is a commitment to sustainability. Shopping from brands that employ ethical practices is key. Usually, these brands use premium textiles like recycled and organic cotton, which last longer, feel better, and support worker and environmental safety. 

Assess Your Assets 

Before embarking on a capsule collection of your own, assess your closet. Identify your core tops, bottoms, and shoes and use them as a jumping-off point. Your style is determined by what you gravitate towards, so using what you already love is a great place to start. 

Denim & Your Capsule 

You’ll want to start with the most basic of basics. Denim. Jeans are timeless classics due to their durability and ability to evolve with trends while maintaining their charm. We suggest three to four capsule pairs of jeans in the fit that best serves your body type. (See our article about styling for your body type for more information on this!) When buying your denim, think long-term. Avoid heavily distressed denim or patchwork. Though fun, you want these jeans to go with everything. Consider varying your wash options. One light blue wash, one deep indigo blue, a classic vintage blue, and, of course, classic black. 

Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a sustainable capsule wardrobe begins with a mindful assessment of your style preferences and daily needs. The goal is to assemble a collection of clothing that not only suits your lifestyle but also stands the test of time. 

As casual west coasters, this is our Capsule Collection for Cooler Months: 

White T-shirt made from recycled cotton. 

Black T-shirt made from recycled cotton. 

Light hoodie or pullover sweater. 

Oversized long coat. 

Denim jacket. 

Oliver Logan Denim 

Minimalist, well-made belt with a silver or gold buckle. 

The best way to decide what should be in your Capsule Collection is to think about the places you frequent most. Are you going out a lot? Are you constantly meeting clients for work? And most importantly, what outfits do you wish you didn’t have to think about? 

If you’re going to a lot of work lunches, consider neutral-colored blazers or coats. One fitted and one more oversized. Match with black jeans and a button-up blouse or T-shirt. Get yourself some simple silver or gold jewelry that won’t tarnish and can be worn multiple times a week. By swapping between coats, tees, and button-ups, you can create core looks any day of the week. Accessorize with color-matched make-up, shoes, seasonal hats, and scarves. If you live somewhere warm most of the year, consider denim shorts or maxi skirts as your core denim and jackets that are lighter and looser in nature. 

Sustainable Denim 

To align your wardrobe with sustainable principles, choose eco-friendly denim brands. Organic cotton and fabrics made from recycled materials should be your first choice. These materials reduce the environmental footprint of denim production while maintaining the fabric's durability and comfort. 

Shop Sustainable Denim

Maintaining & Expanding Your Capsule Wardrobe

Maintaining a sustainable capsule wardrobe involves proper care to ensure your pieces last for years. Most everything in your capsule collection shouldn’t require much washing. Wash your denim once every ten to twelve wears and always air dry. Add new pieces with intention. Before buying, ask yourself how many outfits can I create with this new piece? Is it made with high-quality fabric? Does it have a lifetime guarantee? Do you support the brand’s ethos you’re buying from? By carefully selecting sustainable pieces and embracing the capsule wardrobe concept, you elevate your style and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Freedom in Repetition 

Sourcing your capsule collection might feel like a big lift at first, but you’ll be grateful when you no longer feel the panic and anxiety the question, “What should I wear today?” brings. Some of the world’s greatest geniuses wore the same thing every day and reported that not having to think about their outfits gave them more time to create, invent, and change the world. Having a capsule collection might not make you the next Steve Jobs, but it will give you the freedom to feel great in every outfit, every time. Embracing repetition and learning to style with accessories is a stress-free way to express your style sustainably and ethically. 

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