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We're making positive changes for a better future by doing what we love most, ethically made denim.


Recycled Yarn

Our clothes are made from reclaimed fibres sourced from textile waste that has first been sorted by type and color before being stripped and re-spun into yarns and fabrics ready to be used to make our jeans.

Reused Materials

We're closing the loop on our manufacturing process, meaning our clothes are made with recycled material from post-consumer waste. So, the clothes you're wearing now could end up in our jeans and tees.


Ethical Supply Chain

We have partnered with global suppliers, all of whom have the highest environmental and sustainable standards and, just as importantly, treat their people with respect and are paid well.


Our factories are committed to creating a cleaner fashion industry by using the latest technology to significantly reduce our emission output, save energy and resources, and ensure better wastewater treatment.

Environmental Impact of our Jeans

less green house gas

Our Factories

Easipower Co., Ltd.

Location: Zhongshan City, China

Employees: 500 people

What they do: Cutting, sewing, washing, and finishing

Why we love them: They recycle the water used to make our jeans, and have a high tech eco friendly wash set up. Plus, they offer employees paid maternity leave, continued education programs, and childcare.

Sun Tat Label Pty Ltd

Location: Dongguan, China

Employees: 40 people

What they do: Garment accessories and trims

Why we love them: They provide woven labels in recycled yarns and printed labels in recycled polyester tape. They're Oeko-tex, Sedex, and bluesign certified, plus they offer employees paid maternity leave.

Deyao Textile Co. Ltd

Location: Foshan, China

Employees: 480 people

What they do: Denim fabric

Why we love them: Up to 80% of key water discharge from their dyeing and finishing plant is recycled or reused. They're certified by Global Recycle Standard (GRS), Organic Content Standard (OCS), and BSCi, members of Cotton Made in Africa (CmIA), US Cotton Trust Protocol (USCTP), and Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Gateway. They're a Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) User, Cotton USA Licensee, and are Higg Facility Environment Module (FEM) Verified. Plus, they offer their staff social insurance, maternity leave, travel and housing allowance, and staff children's education programs.

Jeans with Good Genes


Every pair of jeans has a story to tell. What's your story?