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Here’s what makes our denim special.

We stand for inclusiveness and respect of all people and the planet we call home; mother earth. It is our mission to make positive changes for a better future by doing what we love most, ethically made denim.

Everything we create is made with one goal in mind – never putting our interests before what's good for the planet. From our sustainability and social initiatives to being transparent in how we do business, we're working towards a brighter future, one pair of jeans at a time.

Based in Los Angeles, we're committed to ethical denim - minimal footprint for maximum comfort. We go to great lengths to ensure our entire supply chain is as responsible and clean as possible, from growing and harvesting organic cotton to sewing and finishing, plus all the processes in between.

We do this by choosing to only partner and cultivate relationships with like-minded suppliers across the globe - all of who won't compromise people, the planet, and quality for the end gain.

our positive impact

Our jeans have proven to conserve emissions, offsetting 414 hours of energy per pair.

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Our commitment to the planet

As leaders in ethical apparel, we need to walk the walk as much as we talk the talk. We value our community, and we value transparency, especially regarding our sustainability efforts.

That is why we have partnered with Green Story, a platform that measures the environmental impact of brands. They have concluded that just one of our shirts saves 969 liters of water, roughly 510 days' worth of drinking water. A single pair of our jeans conserves .52 CO2 emission, about 1.2 miles worth of driving, and our pants have proven to be quite efficient, offsetting 414 hours of energy per pair.

While we are proud of the statistics, we know there is more work to be done. As we grow, this ongoing partnership with Green Story will help us offset our carbon footprint and maintain our vision for a brighter tomorrow. Eco-friendly apparel is a rapidly growing industry, and we are honored to be on the front lines.

recycled yarns
Our clothes are made from reclaimed fibers sourced from textile waste that has first been sorted by type and color before being stripped and re-spun into yarns and fabrics ready to be used to make our jeans.
ethical supply chain
We have partnered with global suppliers, all of whom have the highest environmental and sustainable standards and, just as importantly, treat their people with respect and are paid well.
Our factories are committed to creating a cleaner fashion industry by using the latest technology to significantly reduce our emission output, save energy and resources, and ensure better wastewater treatment.
reused materials
We're closing the loop on our manufacturing process, meaning our clothes are made with recycled material from post-consumer waste. So, the clothes you're wearing now could end up in our jeans and tees.

We go to great lengths to ensure our entire supply chain is as responsible and clean as possible, from growing and harvesting organic cotton to sewing and finishing, plus all the processes in between.


our factories

We know our seamstress' by name


Location Zhongshan City, China

Employees 500 people

What They Do Cutting, sewing, washing, and finishing

Why We love them They recycle the water used to make our jeans, and have a high tech eco friendly wash set up. Plus, they offer employees paid maternity leave, continued education programs, and childcare.

Sun tat label pty ltd

Location Dongguan, China

Employees 40 people

What They Do Garment accessories and trims.

Why We love them They provide woven labels in recycled yarns and printed labels in recycled polyester tape. They're Oeko-tex, Sedex, and bluesign certified, plus they offer employees paid maternity leave.

Deyao Textile Co Ltd

Location Foshan, China

Employees 480 people

What They Do Denim fabric.

Why We love them  Up to 80% of key water discharge from their dyeing and finishing plant is recycled or reused. They're certified by Global Recycle Standard (GRS), Organic Content Standard (OCS), and BSCi, members of Cotton Made in Africa (CmIA), US Cotton Trust Protocol (USCTP), and Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Gateway. They're a Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) User, Cotton USA Licensee, and are Higg Facility Environment Module (FEM) Verified. Plus, they offer their staff social insurance, maternity leave, travel and housing allowance, and staff children's education programs.

the right fit

We Make Jeans For Every Body

We’ve innovated from day one, offering quality, style and substance in every size—24-35. Using WAIR, we’re committed to challenging industry norms to bring you a collection that is 100% inclusive, always. Every piece in our collection is shown on at least three size ranges of models, to eliminate the friction around finding your perfect fit.

Find your perfect fit using our denim fit guide.

eyes on tomorrow

While we are proud of what we are doing, we know there is more work to be done. As we grow, we maintain our vision for a brighter tomorrow. We are working towards innitiatives that elevate our positive impact for people and planet.

While we currently use biodegradable non-plastic packaging, we plan to devise a more sustainable process for shipments and returns to help lessen our carbon footprint.

With sustainably as our north star, we plan to implement more renewable energy sources into our production line.

Though all of our denim is made from recycled materials, our goal is to reuse our own textiles through buy back programs and trades with our community.

We're always on the hunt to support underserved communities because sustainably means a healthier planet for everyone.

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