Sustainable & Ethical Manufacturing

Solar Panel

Solar Panel Energy
- Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System
- 30% of all energy comes from the solar panels
- Energy efficient and environmentally friendly equipment machines


Water Recycling
Water Saving Technology for Denim Dying
- Reduces water use of 70% 
- Reduces energy use of 60%
- Intelligent waste-water recycling system, more than 80% of waste-water is reused
- Waste-water from dyeing and finishing is recycled through biological process, treated waste-water is nearly indistinguishable - from waters of natural origin and is used in production and only 20% sewage disposal


Sustainable Fabric

Sustainable Fabric Finishing Equipment
- Use of fabric finishing equipment that reduces water consumption by 200,000 tons annually
- Reduces sewage discharge by 15% annually


Dystar Indigo Dye
DYSTAR Indigo Dye

- Cleanest indigo on the market


Our factory follows all labor, employment and environmental laws.

Prohibition of forced labor
All employment is strictly on a voluntary basis
Prohibition of child labor
Our factory does not engage in any form of child labor
Prohibition of harassment and abuse
Our factory ensures a workplace that is respectful of each worker’s rights and dignity, and does not engage in or tolerate sexual harassment, indecent or threatening gestures, abusive tone or language or any other kind of undesired physical or verbal contact, such as bullying. Our factory ensures proper training at all levels - including management, supervisors and workers - to secure a workplace free of harassment or abuse.
Employee Compensation and Benefits
Our factory ensures proper compensation for their employees for all the work done. Our factory also pays premiums for overtime work or work done during holidays, as well as any other allowances or benefits.
Working hours
Hours worked each day, and days worked each week, never exceed the limitations of the law.
Our factory ensures that all terms and conditions of employment are based on an individual’s ability to do the job, and not on the basis of any personal characteristics or beliefs. Any employment decision - involving hiring, firing, assigning work, paying or promoting - is made without discriminating against the employees on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other similar factors (pregnancy, political opinion or affiliation, social status, etc.).
Health and safety
Our factory provides a safe, clean, healthy and productive workplace for their employees. Our factory prioritizes their worker's health and safety above all else, and proactively addresses any safety issues that could arise. Our factory provides all employees with to access to clean drinking water (at no charge to workers), adequate medical resources, fire exits and safety equipment, well-lighted and comfortable workstations, and clean restrooms. Also, our factory adequately trains all of their workers on how to perform their jobs safely.

Our factory applies environmentally conscious sustainable practices, and does their part to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Education Programs
We are working with the Education Center of Guangzhou to help provide our workers education and classes in over 20 different subjects

Upgrading factory employees housing
To start, we have purchased them new mattresses and bed sheets. We will continue to make improvements to their housing.

Company and factory outings and team building exercises


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