Flared Jeans: A Retro 180

Flared jeans are making a comeback in a big way, and we’re here for it! Join us on a journey back to a groovier time and discover why everyone and their mom wore a pair of flares. Plus, we’ll answer the burning question: do flare jeans make your legs look longer, and why?

In the 1960s, flared denim became a major fashion trend that people around the world adopted. The style countered the fitted clothing of previous decades (1950s pencil skirts and corsets. Thank you, next) and provided a comfortable, stylish look for both women and men. Flared pants tended to come in funky fabrics people loved, and the silhouette of the wide leg accentuated curves. Additionally, some of the most iconic performers of the time, such as Elvis and The Beatles, wore flared jeans, making them an even bigger part of pop culture. Flared jeans quickly became synonymous with freedom and rebellion against societal norms during the Age of Aquarius.

The most popular flared jeans style is bootcut, which features a slight flare from knee to ankle. This style is designed to balance out wider hips and can be worn with both heels and flats. In fact, many celebrities have been seen rocking bootcut jeans all over La La Land (Kendall Jenner cough, cough).

Okay, here it comes. Does flare denim really make your legs look longer? The answer is a resounding YES! Flared jeans are designed to lengthen your legs by balancing out your proportions. Since they flare out from just below the knee to your ankles, it gives you an elongated silhouette that looks great with boots and heels. The only bummer is if you have shorter legs, the flares may overwhelm your frame — so if that’s the case, opt for a gentle flare, like bootcut or wide-legged crop.

If you’re a Gen X or even a millennial, trust us, we know how hard it can be to break from your skinnies and try something new. But if you’re hungry for a change, a flared cut is the perfect callback to a psychedelic time of iconic fashion fits.

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